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New hearing clinic in Dunedin expands Invercargill and Queenstown clinics

Hearing loss doesn’t just happen with advancing years, but is widespread in the workforce and among children. Most problems can be resolved with advice based on personalised hearing test results. The team at either our Invercargill, Dunedin or Queenstown Audiology South hearing clinics know that hearing loss affects quality of life in subtle ways, such as feeling isolated at gatherings.  It is most noticeable in noisy and reverberant environments such as restaurants, cafes and social gatherings. Our hearing clinic team is committed to bringing back the joy and freedom of improved hearing in a range of environments so you can participate fully in conversations again.

Offering diagnostic hearing tests from free quick checks to the full diagnostic analysis, our team use the latest technology to assess the level of support you need and guide you through the options to suit your lifestyle.

How do I know if I suffer from hearing loss?

Hearing loss can be so gradual, it can go unnoticed for years. However, you may have had warning signs, such as frequently asking people to repeat things, or being asked to turn the television down to a comfortable level. On average, it takes approximately 7 years for someone to recognise they have hearing loss, work through a period of denial and finally make an appointment with one of NZ’s leading hearing clinics such as Audiology South. The sooner you get a hearing test, the sooner quality of life can be restored.

Hearing assessments

How often should my hearing
aid be serviced or upgraded?

Hearing clinics and patients alike are thrilled that hearing aids have come a long way in the past few years. These days, they’re not only more advanced integrating the best of digital sound technology, they’ve become smaller, funkier and less visible. What’s more, technology has revolutionised their maintenance and the latest smartphone apps allow you the user to keep them at peak performance with ease. An annual check with the experts at your hearing clinic is recommended to ensure the adjustments are correct and tuned correctly.

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Latest technology in hearing aids

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Prolonged exposure to loud noise undermines the delicate structures of the inner ear, and can result in progressive hearing loss. People working (or playing) with building, mowing, farming, chain saws, shooting and the music industry or anywhere noise is unavoidable and constant, should invest in a Hearing Protection Device (HPD). The latest advances block harmful volume but still allow communication.

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There are a number of leading manufacturers with a staggering amount of different types of hearing aids available. This can be very confusing, particularly when you are coming to terms with using a hearing aid for the first time. Audiology South will help you navigate through the choices to select a product best suited to your particular level of hearing loss, your lifestyle and your personal preferences.



We’ll check your hearing with relevant hearing tests ranging from a free basic listening check to confirm if you have any hearing loss, to in-depth diagnostic checks measuring middle ear and eardrum health as well as the brain’s ability to detect and discriminate sounds

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If you are an audiologist or training to be one, we’d love to hear from you.  Please set in touch.



Experienced Audiologist, Simon Melville joins the team at Audiology South with an ownership stake.


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About Audiology South hearing clinic

Audiology South is the provider of choice for Audiological services in Otago and Southland. Our clinics are owned by local, experienced Audiologists, Simon Melville and Anthony Rowcroft. Our fully equipped and sound treated consulting rooms incorporate the latest hearing assessment and hearing aid fitting technology. Combine this with our experienced and highly trained hearing professionals, and you can be rest assured you are receiving the best possible hearing care. We provide a full range of services including full diagnostic hearing assessments, the supply and fitting of the latest digital hearing aids and accessories, and expert advice on all hearing related issues.


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More young people losing hearing through loud music

Audiologists are appealing to people to be more aware of the risks of listening to loud music continuously as part of the National Foundation for the Deaf’s Hearing week campaign. Audiology South senior audiologist Simon Melville said clinicians were seeing more young people with hearing loss caused by loud music. […]

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