Welcome to Spring!

It’s certainly nice to be able to get back into the community now we have dropped to level 2, and if you need hearing aid supplies, or perhaps a spring-clean check of your hearing aids, our clinics are open for you to pop in.

Posted Tuesday September 7, 2021

Please be assured that at level 2 all our staff will be following best practice to ensure you are safe during your visit. Please bring a mask and your phone to scan in when you come in.

We had a full August appointment diary, all of which had to be cancelled when we went into lockdown. Thank you for your patience. Now at level 2, we can again see people and so will be in touch to reschedule appointments. If you are unwell before your appointment, please let our team know – it’s an easy process to reschedule your appointment, and we are very happy to do this for you.

We are also pleased to announce that Mairead Fox has joined our Queenstown clinic as the ear nurse, and to celebrate Queenstown has an exclusive wax removal and hearing check offer, so if you are a Central Otago resident, now is a great time to make an appointment and take advantage of this special.

Meanwhile, grab a hot drink and settle down to read our latest news: Nicholas Muir tells us his experience of wearing More™ and we look at some new accessories that add functionality to this latest range of More™ hearing aids. If you’re interested in hearing protection there’s additional information on Serenity Choice, a specialised range of hearing protection our clinics now offer. Finally, join our Dunedin team on their ‘closed for good’ day and celebrate Invercargill’s year at our bright new site. It’s a busy start to Spring and life at level 2!

Enjoy this newsletter, stay safe and well out there, and we look forward to welcoming you in person shortly.

Simon Melville, Director and Senior Audiologist


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