Hearing Protection

We have a selection of products and expert advice to protect your hearing on the job or while playing.

Noise attenuation on the job

If you are a farmer, a builder or a carpenter, you’ll work with machinery that can significantly damage your hearing. If you can’t change the amount of noise generated by your workplace, make sure you use the correct level of hearing protection.

The three main types of protection include:

  • Ear plugs
  • Semi-insert ear plugs
  • Ear muffs

There are many variations within these three products, from mass-produced disposables to tailor-made, multi-use ear plugs; from simple ear muffs to those with ventilation and stereo sound. Whatever your choose, it’s important that you wear it! Everyone is different, and hygiene, comfort, fit, suitability and setting all play a part in your choice. What is acceptable in a factory may not be practical in another setting, so expert advice from our team who is familiar with all the options is a great idea.

Recreational noise protection

Protection is vital even in loud noise from something you enjoy such as a live concert, or a leisure activity such as DIY with circular saws, sanders and hammers. Later in life you’ll want your hearing to be acute to appreciate birdsong or your grandchild giggling, so spend a little thought, time and money now.

Hearing protection for musicians

It’s now standard to wear hearing protection at concerts and music festivals, and that’s not just the audience. Musicians are a special, well-catered for group and are increasingly realising the benefits of wearing tailor-made protection, regardless of instrument or sound-level loading. High-fidelity hearing protection preserves the tonal balance while still allowing appreciation of the finer detail and nuances.

Custom-made hearing protection

We provide a diversity of hearing protection devices (HPDs) from a range of manufacturers at many price points. We specialise in custom-fit HPDs tailored to suit individual clients, which provide day-long wearing comfort, good communication ability and hearing protection.

Hearing protection is a rapidly developing field and our audiologists have the information you need to safeguard your hearing.

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