A handy guide to hearing aid features

Speech understanding, sound quality, listening comfort, usability, connectivity, personalisation: these ’features’ help hearing aids deliver the best hearing to suit your needs and lifestyle. But what exactly are they, and how do they work?

Posted Monday December 11, 2023

Australia's National Acoustics Laboratories (NAL) has produced a handy guide describing the technology behind each feature, in a clear and concise way, as a handy resource to understand how your hearing aids work.

For example, sound quality “provides a more natural sound or increases awareness and access to sound”: ‘high fidelity sound’ means hearing aids are capable of delivering very high or low pitches, or very loud or soft sound levels; ‘frequency shaping’ “fits the sound to your hearing loss so sounds are more natural”; ‘frequency lowering’ “changes the pitch of some sounds so you can hear them more easily”; and the microphone picks up the sounds around you while the receiver, a tiny speaker, sends sound into your ears.

You can download the guide below.



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