Getting More™ out of life

“I am always on the look out for new technology that will help more,” says Nicholas Muir, “and I’ve been wearing More™ hearing aids for a while now. I appreciate their clear and natural sound. They also give me more awareness of what is going on around me than my previous hearing aids.”

Posted Tuesday September 7, 2021

Nicholas is an audiologist at our Southland-based clinics and has been wearing hearing aids since his teenage years, so he understands them from a clinician’s and a wearer’s perspective.

“People I fit with More™ hearing aids have also told me they like the sound very much. And many of my clients up-grade to them after trying them out Existing hearing aid wearers have told me they are impressed with the sound quality, particularly in environments where they would normally find it difficult to hear.”

This new hearing aid technology incorporates deep neural networking, a type of machine learning or “artificial intelligence” that mimics how the brain learns. The concept here is the hearing aid circuitry has been taught to recognise unwanted, non-important information such as noise and remove these sounds as much as practical, while preserving speech signals.

So, who are these aids suitable for? “Many of the people we see,” Nicholas says. “Typically, they suit a lot of people with mild to moderate hearing loss, and new hearing aid users often find them easy to adjust to the sound. People also appreciate the convenience of rechargeability — no fiddling with small batteries — and they like the great quality of sound streaming from their devices — cell phones and tablets for example.”

If you’re curious and would like to know more, ask about them at your clinic or phone 0800 547 836.

Audiology South works hard to ensure the devices they prescribe are suitable to the needs and lifestyles of their clients, says Nicholas. “We have good confidence in all the brands we prescribe, and tailor our advice to each individual’s requirements and needs, ” he says. 


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