Are your hearing aids playing up?

Trouble shooting and care tips to use at home.

Posted Thursday April 16, 2020

You can fix most hearing aid ‘problems’ at home with relatively straight forward solutions. Our No.1 tip is to consult the instruction booklet that came with your hearing aids, but if you can’t located it, try these tips.

“My hearing aids have little or no sound output.”

  • Replace the battery or try turning your instruments off and on.
  • Check the sound outlet for wax and dirt. If your hearing aids use filters, try changing these.
  • You could have moisture in the tubing or sound outlet. Check to see if these are blocked and either replace them or put your hearing aids into a dry aid kit.

“How do I stop this constant feedback whistling?”

  • Check the fitting of your hearing aids to make sure it is correctly inserted.
  • Check whether the volume has been turned up too high.
  • You could have wax build up in your ear canal. This needs to be removed by an ear health professional, so please contact us for advice.

“The sound quality of my hearing aids is distorted.”

  • Perhaps the hearing aid’s microphone is blocked – try brushing it clean.
  • Or maybe the sound outlet is blocked – try cleaning it. If your hearing aids use filters, also try changing these.
  • Your hearing aids may be switched to an incorrect setting or volume – try switching them off and on, or use your smartphone app to reset them.

“My smartphone app won’t talk to my hearing aids.”

Smart phone software upgrades and updates can disrupt the pairing we do for you in clinic. If this happens, try these steps, or call our friendly team for assistance.

  • Has Bluetooth been disabled on your phone? Turn Bluetooth on, exit the app, wait a few secs then go back.
  • If your hearing aids are still not connecting and Bluetooth is active, open and close the hearing aid battery doors. This puts the aids into “discovery mode” so the app can find them again.
  • Still not working? Reset everything by turning off both the phone and aids, and in close proximity turn them back on.

When all else fails:

  • Check the instruction book that came with your hearing aids. It normally has a step-by-step guide on connecting/pairing hearing aids.
  • Check on the web, including YouTube, as most brands have excellent guides that walk you through the process. 
  • Consider updating your phone, but talk with us first as we can give guidance on which phone might work best with your brand and model of hearing aids.


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