It’s hard to believe we’ve left summer, and autumn is well upon us!

On the steep hills at the back of Arrowtown I was recently lucky to get a glimpse of the emerging autumn colours.

Posted Tuesday April 11, 2023

A local charity had a working bee to plant more than 3000 native beech and ribbonwood trees where wildling pines had been culled. It was a great chance to catch up with many locals and truly see a community spring into action. With more than 150 volunteers it took two hours to complete the task. And while reuniting with colleagues I haven’t seen in ages, it also got me thinking about how important communication and hearing is to keep us in touch with friends and family, and just how important our role as audiologists plays in this process.

Our beech party — Image by: Simon Melville

Across the business we’ve also introduced a completely new brand of hearing aids, Beltone, and are excited about the clinical results we’re seeing with their latest range of technology. If you’re interested in how these instruments could help you or a loved one be sure to ask one of our audiology team members when you’re next in!

Last but not least, a week ago we opened our latest clinic in Balclutha which we’re really excited about! The clinic is managed by our local, very experienced customer care manager Jo Morrison, and is right on the main street of Balclutha. We’re hard to miss, so if you ever need help with your hearing, whether you’re passing through or a Balclutha resident, be sure to call in and see Jo.

Happy reading everybody, we hope you had an enjoyable Easter filled with treats from the Easter Bunny and look forward to bringing you more audiology news before winter.

Simon Melville

Director and Senior Audiologist