“My app won’t connect to my hearing aids. What do I do?”

We like to send you out of the clinic with your hearing aids and smart phone communicating over Bluetooth. But sometimes software upgrades and updates can disrupt the pairing. If this happens, try these steps or call in to see our friendly team for assistance, tips and advice.

Posted Wednesday August 25, 2021

Here are some tips to keep you connected:

  • Make sure your smartphone hearing apps are kept up to date; updates are made to improve stability.
  • If your hearing aids are connected to multiple Bluetooth devices (i.e., smartphone and iPad), switch off Bluetooth on the device you are not using. This ensures the hearing aids have a stable connection with one device at a time.
  • When removing the sticker from the hearing aid battery, let it rest for 5 minutes to ensure the hearing aids have enough battery life for streaming. To keep rechargeable hearing aids connected, charge them every night.
  • If Bluetooth has turned off, turn it on, exit the app, wait a few secs then go back.
  • If your hearing aids are still not connecting and Bluetooth is on, open and close the hearing aid battery doors (resetting them). This puts the aids into “discovery mode” so the app can find them again.
  • Still not working? Reset everything by turning off both the phone and aids, and in close proximity turn them back on.
  • When all else fails check the instruction book that came with your hearing aids. It normally has a step-by-step guide on connecting/pairing hearing aids.
  • Check the YouTube link below, or call in to see us for help and support.

Different manufacturers and smart phones have different processes to reconnect you and most have online resources about their app and connectivity. Try searching Google. There are also excellent videos on YouTube that walk you through the process.


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