Welcome to the team Regina

We are delighted to welcome Regina Lien to our team, and congratulate her on passing her clinical competence exam with flying colours.

Posted Tuesday May 9, 2023

Regina divides her work-week between Te Whatu Ora, Invercargill Hospital, and Audiology South. On Wednesday and Friday, you’ll find her at our Invercargill clinic.

“I love the work-week split,” she says. “In the hospital setting I mainly see children; kids are just so cute! My challenge is to keep the child on task for testing while at the same time giving whānau accurate information and trying to minimise their anxiety.

“I also get involved with different hospital departments, such as ENT and oncology, which is fascinating, and exposes me to medical fields other than audiology.

“At Audiology South I tend to see adults. I’m passionate about helping people improve their quality of life and it’s satisfying when a person comes out of an appointment feeling better than they came in. It’s not just about their hearing, but feeling more confident in their social lives,” Regina says.

Regina says she has always wanted to do something related to health science, but didn't know about audiology until her university research years when her grandma started wearing hearing aids and friends were studying in the course.

“I sat in on a couple of appointments and was really impressed with the difference hearing aids made, and afterwards when I looked into it a bit more, I found a whole world involving not just hearing aids but an amalgamation of medicine and technology, and I'm interested in both.”

Having previously worked for another audiology company, Regina says Audiology South’s value of client-centred care is most noticeable. “It sounds like a cliché, but this is really what I feel,” she says. “I also like the inclusivity within the team, and the business’s support for career development.”

When not at work, to catch up with Regina you’ll have to either dive deep underwater, where she gathers her own seafood, or climb a mountain. Last year, she says, she was almost caught in an avalanche. Regina says she loves food, and spends a considerable amount of her earnings on buying ingredients, and her more sedentary activities include semi-competitive video gaming.


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